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September 08 2017

Arch Linux Vagrant boxes

Hello everybody,I am pleased to announce that we provide official Arch Linux Vagrant boxes now:https://app.vagrantup.com/archlinux/box … 2017.09.07URL to the project: https://github.com/archlinux/arch-boxes

September 02 2017

Perl library path change

The perl package now uses a versioned path for compiled modules. This means that modules built for a non-matching perl version will not be loaded any more and must be rebuilt. A pacman hook warns about affected modules during the upgrade by showing output like this: WARNING: '/usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl' contains data from at least 143 packages which will NOT be used by the installed perl interpreter. -> Run the following command to get a list of affected packages: pacman -Qqo '/usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl' You must rebuild all affected packages against the new perl package before you can use them again. The change also affects modules installed directly via CPAN. Rebuilding will also be necessary again with future major perl updates like 5.28 and 5.30. Please note that rebuilding was already required for major updates prior to this change, however now perl will no longer try to load the modules and then fail in strange ways. If the build system of some software does not detect the change automatically, you can use perl -V:vendorarch in your PKGBUILD to query perl for the correct path. There is also sitearch for software that is not packaged with pacman.

August 30 2017

Responsive views for Forums and Wiki

Hi,for the last few days I had been working on a more mobile friendlyview of our Wikis and Forums. These have just been deployed. Here iswhat changed:While it's not perfect on small screens it should at least be way morereadable on your mobile phones. Let me know of any issues though.Wiki:* Updated to MediaWiki 1.29.1* Removed our fork of the MonoBook skin* Introduce a new "ArchLinux" extension which injects some styles andour navigation bar independent of the skin. This was quite a lot ofwork to figure out, but future updates should be way easier now.* The default skin is Vector; MonoBook is still available and can beenabled in your personal settings* The MobileFrontend extension has been removed (So we have a brandedview for mobile as well)* PR see https://github.com/archlinux/archwiki/pull/9/filesForums:* Created a github repo at https://github.com/archlinux/archbbs* PR at https://github.com/archlinux/archbbs/pull/1* Some docker compose configuration to simplify development (similarto the on in the wiki)In addition to this I have been working on a re-implementation ofhttps://www.archlinux.de. Part of this is a new more mobile friendlydesign. Especially the navigation which moves the menu entries into aso called Hamburger menu on smaller screens is still missing from theimplementation mentioned above.I plan to extract these "somehow" so we can use a common navigation inall our websites. At least a generated snippet we can copy into ourprojects.Greetings,Pierre

August 23 2017

Till Dawn - first pre-alpha version available (VR zombie shooter)

Finally we have released our first pre-alpha version of our newly project Till Dawn. Till Dawn is a VR zombie survival shooter. Tested with the HTC Vive, but the Oculus Rift is also supported, but untested.You can download the game on the game page at itch.io or at gamejolt and you will also find all information about the game on these pages. At the moment, it's for free but you can donate as much as you want to support us.So grab a free copy, connect your HTC Vive, play it and let us know what you think about it. Feedback is always welcome, so if you have some ideas for the game then let us know. But remember it's under development right now, so make sure to read the description and the known issues.  Here are some screenshots of the game, but to get a better impression you have to play it.It's only available for Windows right now, because SteamVR and Unity3D under Linux is a little bit more complicated. Sorry to all Linux gamers out there, but as soon as it is supported without errors, we will release it for Linux, too.If you like the game then share the information, tweet about it (don't forget to mention @devplayrepeat), make a blog post or just tell your friends. To follow the development make sure that you regularly check the itch.io page of the game because we will post news there. 

June 15 2017

rustfmt 0.9.0-1 x86_64

A tool for formatting Rust code according to style guidelines

rustfmt 0.9.0-1 i686

A tool for formatting Rust code according to style guidelines

jemalloc 5.0.0-2 i686

General-purpose scalable concurrent malloc implementation

jemalloc 5.0.0-2 x86_64

General-purpose scalable concurrent malloc implementation

valgrind-multilib 3.12.0-3 x86_64

A tool to help find memory-management problems in programs for multilib

toxcore 1:0.1.9-1 x86_64

Secure, configuration-free, P2P Skype replacement backend

qtox 1.10.2-3 x86_64

Powerful Tox client written in C++/Qt that follows the Tox design guidelines

toxcore 1:0.1.9-1 i686

Secure, configuration-free, P2P Skype replacement backend

qtox 1.10.2-3 i686

Powerful Tox client written in C++/Qt that follows the Tox design guidelines

python2-mpi4py 2.0.0-3 x86_64

Python bindings for the Message Passing Interface (MPI) standard

python-mpi4py 2.0.0-3 x86_64

Python bindings for the Message Passing Interface (MPI) standard

gap-data 4.8.7-2 x86_64

Additional databases for GAP

vtk 7.1.1-3 x86_64

A software system for 3D computer graphics, image processing, and visualization

mayavi 4.5.0-5 x86_64

A 3-dimensional visualizer of scientific data

arpack 3.5.0-1 x86_64

Fortran77 subroutines for solving large scale eigenvalue problems

gap-doc 4.8.7-2 x86_64

Documentation for GAP
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