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July 20 2018

fuse3 3.2.4-2 x86_64

A library that makes it possible to implement a filesystem in a userspace program.

fuse-common 3.2.4-2 x86_64

Common files for fuse2/3 packages

ktimer 18.07.80-1 x86_64

Countdown Launcher

libgravatar 18.07.80-1 x86_64

KDE PIM library providing Gravatar support

kreversi 18.07.80-1 x86_64

A simple one player strategy game played against the computer

kio-extras 18.07.80-1 x86_64

Additional components to increase the functionality of KIO

klines 18.07.80-1 x86_64

A simple but highly addictive one player game

ktouch 18.07.80-1 x86_64

Touch Typing Tutor

kdesdk-thumbnailers 18.07.80-1 x86_64

Plugins for the thumbnailing system

korganizer 18.07.80-1 x86_64

Calendar and scheduling Program

kdenetwork-filesharing 18.07.80-1 x86_64

Properties dialog plugin to share a directory with the local network

akonadiconsole 18.07.80-1 x86_64

Akonadi management and debugging console

akonadi-contacts 18.07.80-1 x86_64

Libraries and daemons to implement Contact Management in Akonadi

konsole 18.07.80-1 x86_64

KDE's terminal emulator

kleopatra 18.07.80-1 x86_64

Certificate Manager and Unified Crypto GUI

kwave 18.07.80-1 x86_64

A sound editor for KDE

keditbookmarks 18.07.80-1 x86_64

Bookmark Organizer and Editor

kig 18.07.80-1 x86_64

Interactive Geometry
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