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February 06 2018

Arch monthly January

Arch Linux @ FOSDEM Arch Linux Trusted Users, Developers and members of the Security team have been at FOSDEM. Next year there will be more stickers hopefully and maybe a talk, but it was great to meet some Arch users in real life, discuss and even hack on the Security Tracker. TU Application: Ivy Foster A new TU applied, you can read the sponsorship here. New DevOps member Phillip Smith A new member joined the sysadmin/devops team. This is the team which maintains the Arch infrastructure such as the forums, AUR and wiki. Arch monthly January was originally published by Jelle van der Waa at Jelly's Blog on February 06, 2018.

January 30 2018

vala 0.38.6-2 x86_64

Compiler for the GObject type system

gnome-themes-standard 3.22.3+16+gc092fc89-1 x86_64

Standard Themes for GNOME Applications

broadcom-wl-dkms x86_64

Broadcom 802.11 Linux STA wireless driver

hcloud 1.2.0-5 x86_64

CLI for Hetzner Cloud

opencl-nvidia 390.25-1 x86_64

OpenCL implemention for NVIDIA

nvidia-lts 390.25-1 x86_64

NVIDIA drivers for linux-lts

nvidia-utils 390.25-1 x86_64

NVIDIA drivers utilities

xdebug 2.6.0-1 x86_64

PHP debugging extension

php-apache 7.2.2-1 x86_64

Apache SAPI for PHP

php-intl 7.2.2-1 x86_64

intl module for PHP

php 7.2.2-1 x86_64

A general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited to web development

php-enchant 7.2.2-1 x86_64

enchant module for PHP

php-odbc 7.2.2-1 x86_64

ODBC modules for PHP

php-phpdbg 7.2.2-1 x86_64

Interactive PHP debugger

php-pspell 7.2.2-1 x86_64

pspell module for PHP

php-fpm 7.2.2-1 x86_64

FastCGI Process Manager for PHP

php-sodium 7.2.2-1 x86_64

sodium module for PHP

php-embed 7.2.2-1 x86_64

Embedded PHP SAPI library
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