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Arch monthly September

This is the first edition of Arch monthly, mostly due to the lack of time to work on Arch weekly. So let’s start with the roundup of last month. Two new Trusted Users Alad and Foxboron joined the Trusted Users team! Congrats! Archweb signoff helper This has been around for a while, but Foxboron created this great tool to signoff packages in [testing] simply from the cli. If you are an official tester try it out! Arch Classroom - Python for beginners Pulec organizes a classroom about Python for beginners on Wednesday, October 04, 2017 at 16:00 UTC in the channel #archlinux-classroom on the freenode network. See this post for more details. Eli Schwartz is our new bugwrangler Eli Schwartz joins as bugwrangler by helping out assigning and investigation new bugs. Arch-meson wrapper If you package packages which uses meson as a build tool then the arch-meson is useful since it sets defaults for Arch. Arch manpages website A new website popped up which hosts Arch manual pages. Arch monthly September was originally published by Jelle van der Waa at Jelly's Blog on October 02, 2017.

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