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January 29 2020

lesspipe 1.84-1 any

an input filter for the pager less

mariadb 10.4.12-1 x86_64

Fast SQL database server, derived from MySQL

mariadb-clients 10.4.12-1 x86_64

MariaDB client tools

mariadb-libs 10.4.12-1 x86_64

MariaDB libraries

mytop 10.4.12-1 x86_64

Top clone for MariaDB

libretro-bsnes-hd 21-1 x86_64

Super Nintendo Entertainment System core

igraph 0.8.0-1 x86_64

A library for creating and manipulating (un)directed graphs.

blockdiag 2.0.0-1 any

blockdiag generates block-diagram image from text

python-cloudflare 2.6.0-1 any

Python wrapper for the Cloudflare v4 API

gost 2.9.0-1 x86_64

GO Simple Tunnel

perl-module-build 0.4231-1 any

Build, test, and install Perl modules

python-webtest 2.0.34-1 any

Helper to test WSGI applications

python2-webtest 2.0.34-1 any

Helper to test WSGI applications

libretro-overlays 162-1 any

Collection of overlays for libretro

libretro-beetle-psx 2228-1 x86_64

Sony PlayStation core

libretro-beetle-psx-hw 2228-1 x86_64

Sony PlayStation core

libretro-mgba 6624-1 x86_64

Nintendo Game Boy Advance core

libretro-ppsspp 26442-1 x86_64

Sony PlayStation Portable core

libretro-shaders-slang 701-1 any

Collection of shaders for libretro
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